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Struggling for gift ideas? Check out our top gift ideas for the common gym personalities.


The one who loves to compete, always taking the leadership role with mostly positive outcomes. Encourages others to be the best they can be. Not the type to miss a planned gym session with. If you ache from yesterday's session, probably best to not mention it.

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The type to wreck a good workout session with the suggestion of a cheat meal straight after. Full of good intentions but always able to convince you the start good intentions at a later date. Always mean well but have serious fitness commitment issues. Starting a new health kick? STAY AWAY


Able to convince you that you can achieve anything and are full of positivity. They keep you focused and on track, the best type to have around when those fitness goals seem unreachable. Cherish and spoil them with praise and plenty of gifts.

A FEWr1.jpg


Drama follows them everywhere! Opinionated and do not hold back. Put your weights away around these types and don't train too close. Their stern look is the cause of all their problems. Encourage them to smile more and life could become a lot easier.

We love them though!

turnup gymtshirt.jpg


Hard for them to take anything seriously, always have to take the mick in some sort of way. Gym sessions with them turn into social events with the odd workout in-between jokes and storytelling. They bring great energy everywhere they go, so are a great asset to have in our lives. Maybe only train with them once a week, if you want to achieve results.

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