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Welcome to our community.

Take the opportunity to share your goals and fitness struggles with others.

  • Get 150 Reward/Ambassador points if your story is chosen.

  • Provide potential solutions for others going through the same struggles

Review products?

Create videos and test out some of our current and new products.

  • Get 100 Reward/Ambassador points for your review.

  • Get exposure for your social media page, videos will be linked to product pages.

  • Keep the products you review as a thank you from us.

  • Create Product in use videos without doing a review so other customers can see how the items look and fit. ( Examples of product in use videos are below)


"Late thirties and determined to get fit again, having trained 'on and off' for over twenty years. Complicated health problems had me mostly in bed for the last three years, now starting to manage my condition. I started this journey at 112.5kg currently at 103.7kg.

Goals: Get my weight down to 90kg so all my clothes will feel comfy again and setting an example to my five year old daughter of what a healthy, active and deliberate lifestyle looks like.

Keep up the great work and inspiring people to keep going, even when everything is telling them they shouldn't."


Do you have enough reward/ambassador points?

  • 2000 reward points required for consideration.

  • Get kitted out for all your events with customisable designs from our creative team.

  • Mentions on our social media on your achievements.


Current customers can now apply for sponsorship, we will consider your order history and engagement with our brand since you joined our community.

You must be at Ambassador stage to be considered for sponsorship.

There is no need to apply, we will monitor how often you engage with our social media posts and tag us in your social media content.

We will then message your account with an invite for the different sponsorship options available.

Our Customers :)

Just a few customers doing what they do.

  • Video Clips may help with sizing and fit questions.

  • Get additional reward points for sending in your workout clips.

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